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Welcome to HandCutPuzzles.com "Puzzle Man" (My eBay Store). I've been a hobby wood worker since 1989 and have enjoyed making puzzles and wooden toys for my nieces, nephews and now my two sons. I live and work in beautiful Encinitas in Southern California. I am very fortunate since I get to enjoy my garage wood shop year round.

The puzzles I really enjoy making as well as watching children of all ages assemble are my greeting card and photo puzzles. I typically use various greeting card covers (including birthday, holiday, and special occasion card) that children receive from friends and family members. I cut off the front cover of a favorite card (one's with glossy photo's or really nice strong paper. I mount the cards to a piece of solid 5/16" Birch or Maple (or 1/4" 5-ply baltic birch). I use an acid free spray adhesive similar to those found in very expensive framing and mounting retail stores. The beautiful hardwoods last forever and can really stand up to abuse from children. Depending on the cards finish, I sometimes spray them with a preservation enamel that dries to wonderful hard matte finish. This keeps the finger prints from showing on glossy cards and keeps the card covers from wear and tear while being enjoyed for years to come.

All of my puzzles are cut by hand on the best scroll saw ever made. I use a RBI Hawk Precision Scroll Saw. If you want to make your own puzzles, this is the saw to buy. With a variety of blades available and the ability to turn a 24" piece of wood up to 360 degrees you can make anything you imagine.

Hand cut wooden jigsaw and scroll saw puzzles take time, patience and lots of practice. The great thing about a hand cut, handmade wooden puzzle is that everyone I make is unique. My hand cut wooden puzzles will last for decades compared to a standard store bought cardboard puzzle or even the thin wooden puzzles made overseas. My son bends and tears cardboard in a matter of weeks with normal use. And the paint and thin wood used on the import puzzles fades and chips easily. My wooden puzzles will outlast others for generations. My great grand kids will probably play with the same puzzles my son plays with today.

The puzzles I sell on eBay are NOT always for children under four (4) years old. Please read the descriptions on the puzzles I sell on eBay carefully. I will let you know how many pieces each one has. My children's puzzles usually have large easy to handle pieces with a maximum of 12 pieces.

If you want a puzzle made for a child,
please email me at image of email address puzzlesATcox.net
for further information.

Puzzles for children are made from the front cover of greeting cards given to them by friends or family for holidays, birthdays or any special occasion. The fee for a custom one of a kind children's puzzle from your own greeting card is $17 plus $3 postage to anywhere in the USA. Children's puzzles are cut into 8 - 12 pieces. To order a greeting card puzzle, mail the cover of the greeting card (if you mail the entire card any portion not used in the puzzle will be disposed). Please mail in a flat envelope (I take no responsibility for damage in the mail). Puzzle size is a maximum of 8.5" x 6.25". Cards larger than the maximum size will be cut into correct size at my discretion.

Try a handcrafted wood puzzle, you will never want to do a cardboard puzzle again.

Click below for other examples.

1. Duck
2. Duck Back
3. Fire Trk Back
4. FireTrk Pieces
5. Wolf Pieces

Single Puzzle Piece Click on image for a large close up view

Children's Puzzles:
The wood I use is 5/16" thick Solid Maple or Birch. I use the the same wood that skateboards are made out of (it's very tough durable wood). These are the best solid hardwoods I have ever used for puzzle making. The wood is extremely strong and durable. After cutting the puzzle the back of each piece is sanded smooth. It is then assembled and tested by my 2 kids.

Adult Puzzles:
Depending on the overall size of the puzzle and the size of the pieces, I either use the same wood used for the children's puzzles (but I can only get up to 6.25" wide) or I use baltic birch 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" plywood. The hardwood plywood's are the strongest plywood's you can buy. Smaller puzzle pieces with more intricate cuts require thinner plywood's, but thicker plywood can be used on smaller puzzles making a more robust piece. After cutting the puzzle the back of each piece is sanded smooth. It is then assembled and tested by me or my wife.

Examples of wood and piece sizes:

kids large size puzzle piece
Click for larger images

Kids puzzle on left:
Large pieces
5/16" Birch Hardwood

Adult puzzle on right:
Small pieces
1/2" Birch Plywood
small adult size pieces

Cards and Prints

I specialize in making puzzles out of greeting cards, prints (lithographs) or photographs. If printing my own photo's I use only "Micro Format - Super Color" paper and photo ink. I always seal the prints using the same spray enamel designed for sealing artwork at specialty framing shops. I also make custom puzzles from greeting cards as described above.

Greeting Card from Grandma & Grandpa
  Wolf Eye's from a Digital Photo
Wolf Eye's

I pay special attention to all the details and use only the finest saw blades and supplies. It is the hope of any good craftsman that there toys and/or puzzles become family heirlooms. When I create a treasure, it is my goal to create something that is sturdy and durable enough to with stand the times in hopes that they are passed down from generation to generation.

I always cut each piece freehand using only my imagination as I go. I do not use any patterns for any of my one-of-a-kind jigsaw or scroll saw puzzles.

Storage Box

A Basswood, Pine, or Poplar storage box is included with each Adult puzzle purchase.

Kids puzzles do not include a storage box but can be purchased separately for just $15 each plus shipping.
open puzzle box

I include a wooden storage box with every "adult" size puzzle purchase. These wonderful boxes hold and protect your puzzle when not being used. My boxes vary in size and shape according to each puzzle. Click the example in the photo for a larger image. The front of this box contains a photo of the puzzle when complete.

I use Watco Danish Oil to stain, seal and protect both the outside and inside of every wood box. Some boxes are purchased new (like the one pictured above); these boxes are usually made from basswood. Other boxes are handmade right here in my puzzle workshop. Boxes I make are usually made from pine, poplar, maple, birch, or oak. I often use a variety of other types of wood. Most boxes are basswood boxes like the example shown. They are all are nice boxes that will protect your puzzle within for many generations. Not all of my boxes include the photo on the front.


I do accept personal checks (may be held 10-14 days for clearance), money orders, cashiers checks, PayPal payments to and credit cards for large orders with pre authorization and signed credit card form. If you want to order a kids puzzle, send me your order by completing the order form. You will need adobe acrobat reader to open the form. If you have trouble opening the form and prefer a word version, please click here.

Most of my children's puzzles are interlocking. This means that the puzzle pieces interlock like normal jigsaw style puzzles. Some of my adult style puzzles are more difficult to solve and include various cutting techniques, including color line cutting, ear tabs, dog legs, curls, jagged edge, and others.

Whether you or your children are serious puzzle collectors or just occasional puzzle solvers that enjoy a good challenge, a sturdy puzzle or a keep sake heirloom, I am sure you will find my hand cut wooden puzzles a worthy investment. I certainly hope they provide you, your family and friend with many years of enjoyment.

Our son takes his puzzles to preschool and day care where everyone enjoys them.

Please feel free to email me here with any questions or comments you might have.

Happy Puzzling,

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